“WOW! I do not have enough words to describe what a professional Kelli Riley has been with my company. She has been very flexible to my needs, extremely creative, and in-tune with the current website trends. She is great at what she does and I think any company would be fortunate to have her designs, because they are top-notch at a great value! Don't miss an opportunity to work with her, because the super stars haven't started to tie up her time...YET!”
Justin Jones-Fosu, JS Training Solutions

“Kelli designed a website for Maroto Fitness and did a great job! She was always easy to reach, completed work on time, was extremely flexible and creative. I would highly recommend her as a web designer. Our website is outstanding thanks to Kelli!”
Maya Maroto, Maroto Fitness, LLC.

One word: Awesome! You will not be disappointed with Kelli's Design acumen. Excellent work for great value. My reason for returning to Kelli has little to do with the value but more to do the quality and integrity of her work and attitude. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you will undoubtedly quickly learn she is an asset, a basic resource you can't live without.
Karyn Taylor-Okelo, Sovereignty KO Collections

“I hired Kelli to help me develop my company web site. As a start-up e-commerce company, the web site is of vital importance. Kelli was diligent at listening and understanding the needs of the company and coming up with solutions to issues. If she did not have a solution in her extensive skill set, she sought out and found additional appropriate resources. Her tenacity and search for additional resources to help me with my company was above and beyond any fee I paid her. The only barrier to my working with Kelli in the future is me gaining additional funding for my company. I would love to have her on my techical team of advsiors as she is an exceptional talent with high professional integrity.”
Rill Hodari, A Little Bit of Happiness

“We worked with Kelli to make changes/enhance-ments to our website and she provided a great and timely service. We will continue to use Kelli and have already recommended her to others.”
Mark Gollino, Rezziliant, Inc.

Kelli Riley is an extremely talented web designer. I reached out to her to design a website for a new non-profit organization, the John Crowder Foundation, which is aimed at providing Baltimore City youth the skills needed to achieve academic, athletic, and professional success. She agreed to do the website for us pro-bono, which was so gracious of her and an absolute God send, as our funding was limited. We are so pleased with what Kelli has done for us, and would reccomend her to anyone that asks.
Charlotte Jarrett, John Crowder Foundation

"Kelli is a brilliant web coder, she has many skills which include being able to tackle hard projects and provide clean solutions."
Andrew Sulema, Gorilla Industries

"It is my pleasure to endorse Kelli Riley as a web designer. While she certainly provided excellent work at an excellent price, I thought her best asset was her ability to explain complicated concepts to those of us who know absolutely nothing about web design. I was very comfortable with her knowledge and expertise, and trusted her to make good decisions for us. She was extremely patient, and made sure that our website was perfect. We selected Kelli over the other web designers that we interviewed because of her knowledge and her excellent communication skills. Working with Kelli was an absolute pleasure!"
Wanda McKnight, WandaWorks Productions, Inc.

"Kelli is a excellent and efficient person to work with. I will hire her again as long as I have a web page to edit."
Reyna Guardados, Guardados Restaurant

"Kelli is a Joomla and CMS expert who can quickly turn a project around. She has delivered time and time again on web projects. I rely on her for critical updates and upgrades to keep my web site (a key marketing component for my business) running smoothly. I highly recommend her."
Amanda Miller Littlejohn, Mopwater Social PR

"Kelli provides the complete packaging in terms of professionalism, attention to detail and advising on and enacting on the proper site set up and design. Her advice proved invaluable and the finished product was better than even we envisioned."
Robert Maxwell, OTC Medical Devices, Marian, Inc.

"Kelli is a JOY to work with! She is as professional as they come, the work is always exactly as I envisioned it and never a day late. She can be relied upon to complete a job, at a fair price and so easy to work with. I recommend Kelli to anyone that wants a functional, easy to use website. She really is the BEST, amongst a very competitive group."
Jennie Lynn McQuade, The Christian Women's Association