Created October, 2014


Acrylic on canvas created for my daughter's nursery to hang above the crib. I wanted to finish it before she was born so I started it during my second trimester when I had a little more energy. I knew I wanted to incorporate animals and shades of purple to compliment the color of the nursery walls. The goal was to peak her interest with some fun art.


I researched nursery art and I found that the greatest examples were simple, fun and used a simple color palette. I took those cues and sketched out my drawing in pencil on the canvas. I referenced the bird from a card I had received. I used a stuffed animal in my studio as inspiration for the little animal on the couch. I created the origami butterfly earlier in the summer and I knew I wanted to use that in the painting as well.


As my first attempt at nursery art I think this painting is a success. It looks wonderful in the room and I smile every time I see my daughter staring up at it. I know I achieved my intended goal.