The Best Brainstorms

During a typical brainstorm usually the loudest people in the room gets their ideas across. And the quiet people on the team aren't as forthcoming because they may need more time to be reflective and gather their thoughts. The best ideation sessions level the playing field for the extroverts and the introverts.

Team Brainstorm Photo by You X Ventures

You have everyone come to the meeting with some inspiration and have each person explain their point of view. This usually sparks more ideas and conversation. The best ideation sessions are when everyone's voices are heard. They are able to give their input uninterrupted so that everyone feels that they are a part of the activity of it.

There are many ways to brainstorm/ideate, you can use surveys, whiteboarding, post-its, storyboarding and much more. It's fun to change it up depending on the end goals. Contact Studio Art 101 to help your team have the best brainstorms.