Website Success

If you're looking for ways to make your site fresh and keep people coming back these are the tips for you!

1. Know who is visiting your website.

Find out who's visiting your website and why. Try doing a survey to find out what their needs are.

Always pay attention to customer feedback. Their suggestions can open your mind to an angle you hadn't even thought of before. A good tool is Survey Monkey, it's free to use and set up a survey on the fly.

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2. Write rich content.

By rich I mean key word rich. Tailor your content to what your audience would be searching for in Google. How would people find your website? What keywords would they use? To find out what your site visitors are searching for use Google Adwords keyword tool. Search for your keywords and find out how many people are searching for those terms.

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3. Integrate social media.

Set up your business pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and share quality content and link back to your website. Hootsuite is a great tool to manage all of your social networks. You can also schedule status updates. Social media is a great way to promote your site, gain brand recognition and reach more people.

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4. Keep your website current.

You want people to keep coming back to your website, why would they if nothing ever changes. Add a news feed that relates to your product or service. Or you can start blogging on your website and share real stories. The freshness of your content will attract visitors and also get you better site rankings in search engines.

Your website should be like your baby, constantly growing while you are constantly nurturing it. As your business grows, it should too!