If you are like most business owners you probably don't have much time for social media. Between twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, quora, instagram, (myspace looks like it's trying to make a come back), the lists goes on forever. How can you possibly keep up? If you choose to invest your time in these you must manage that time well to get the best results.

My business is pretty active on most social networks. You would think I'm tweeting and posting fb statuses in my sleep, but the truth is I have no time for that. The best tools I have found are hootsuite, buffer and iftt where you can set up feeds to post for you. The feeds can be based on keywords or interesting topics having to do with your industry. That way you will always have a presence no matter how busy you are. And when you do have a second you can also schedule posts ahead of time. Setting aside a set amount of time per day to maintain your social network accounts is really key. You should be replying to messages from people and you should engage with other people you follow. An active presence is great exposure for your business and it brings traffic to your website, hopefully leading to the ultimate goal of attracting more clients in the end.

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