If you are like most business owners you probably don't have much time for social media. Between twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, quora, instagram, (myspace looks like it's trying to make a come back), the lists goes on forever. How can you possibly keep up? If you choose to invest your time in these you must manage that time well to get the best results.

Is your site secure? Do you have trusted hosting? Hackers are having a field day this year with sites that are vulnerable to attack. Your site can be vulnerable due to old extensions that haven't been updated. So for instance, that blog feature or twitter feed on your site that was installed two years ago has had security updates since, but they haven't been updated on your site yet. This would create security holes on your site where hackers could get in and insert malicious code.

Maybe your site passwords are way too easy to crack. Make sure that your hosting login, database login, ftp login, and site logins are at least 12 alphanumeric characters and throw in some special characters, for example this is a strong password, hTue53yStw@! and this is super weak, kelli4.

Studio Art 101 is proud to launch our new website for 2013. Our website needed to be upgraded from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5, so this was a great opportunity to also update the look of the site at the same time. This look is clean and simple and it's oh so easy to find what you are looking for, by using the dropdown menus or the search that is on every page. This website design is responsive meaning it will look good on a tablet, cell phone or a desktop computer. It was also important to integrate social media so we have our twitter feed on the home page and all of our social media links in the footer. Make sure to sign up for our quarterly newsletter to stay up on Studio Art 101 news and special promotions. Remember at Studio Art 101 we specialize in Joomla Content Management System Design and Development, Social Media Management and Mobile Ready websites.

Please take a look through our new website and contact us about your next project!