This week I read some awesome advice from an article by Nick Hughes that reminded me of a shift in my business this year. "Ask yourself, which are the most important tasks on which your business depends? Now, focus on those and only those tasks.

Evaluate all the other stuff on your plate and delegate accordingly. Trying to do everything will result in getting nothing done." I found that last year I was trying to do too much, taking on too many projects and clients and really spreading myself thin.

When 2012 started I decided to step back and solely focus on my base clients and their needs. I also decided to make time for my passions like painting, creating art objects, and volunteering. My time is actually manageable now and I'm really enjoying the work that I'm creating. My husband is so pleased because I'm not stuck on my computer every night. I volunteer for Art With A Heart every other week and it's so much fun. I was able to be a vendor at the Winter Festival of Wonders and showed my small paintings and decoupaged vases. It's been a blessing to get back to the things I enjoy! I think that having varying interests can only widen my perspective and make my work even better.

My ultimate goal is to grow my business bigger and bigger but at my own pace. I think as business owners we go through trial and error but we adapt and persevere because we are never satisfied. We know what we want to achieve and getting there is such a worthwhile journey. What are your business goals and how are you fulfilling them this year?