Just think about all you have learned from the trial and error of running your own business. Do you think it could have been taught to you in school? My parents spent a whole lot on my education, I went to a liberal arts college in upstate New York.

I was a Studio Art Major and loved to paint and was really into fashion but somehow I found graphic design my senior year of college. I chose to go to grad school to get the skills needed to get a job in my field and have a career in the digital arts. And I'll probably be paying student loans forever but even after so much schooling I know that I have learned a 100 fold from running my own business. Not just about marketing and branding but life skills like finding that work/life balance, networking and finding great mentors, and helping others on their journey. These are survival skills really.

I'm reading an incredible book right now by Michael Ellsberg called The Education of Millionaires. The author interviewed millionaires and billionaires who never finished or went to college and he goes into the essential success skills that are not taught in school. He calls them street smarts. Find this book on amazon for $15, it's well worth it, http://bit.ly/7streetsmarts. As business owners we go through successes and failures but how we navigate and learn along the way will inevitably shape our own destiny.

Twitter Tips
Make sure the information about you in your profile is jam packed with keywords, it will make it easier for people to find you. Also did you know you can place a link in your bio text. This is another great way to get people to your site. This is mine for example: Owner/Principal Designer – Studio Art 101 http://bit.ly/rD3X1U | Web Designer, Web Developer, Joomla! CMS Specialist, Artist and Travel Addict
Hope this helps you!

I think most people know this is my favorite holiday, hope you enjoy yours. Have fun with your family and eat tons! I know I will.