To hear of Steve Jobs' death was so sad for me especially since I owe much of my livelihood to the Mac computer. Everything I design and build is done on a Mac. I know I'm spoiled because they are more expensive but you cannot deny the usability, the attention to detail and the quality of a Mac machine.

Retro Apple LogoI remember in grade school in the fifth grade, the first computer I ever worked on was a Macintosh. I saw that multi-colored logo and thought that's a really cool apple. I didn't know back then that later my career would be based in computer technology. In college I worked on Macs in the graphics lab. After college my first computer purchase was a blue iMac. I was so proud! And today at home I have a desktop titanium mac with a huge screen so I can see all my layouts and work very comfortably.

I just love the Apple brand. I know it's funny to profess love for a brand but this company has been master marketers, master designers, and master innovators all led by the genius of Steve Jobs. I always want the newest and latest products from Apple. I definitely can't live without my iphone or ipod. I mean I could but life would not be the same. It makes you think what would modern culture be without Apple products? I feel like their products elevate how we think about what is possible.

Thank you so much Steve Jobs, this is dedicated to you!