It's been as busy as it has been hot. Whether you run your own business, work full time or do both, life is so hectic these days it's tough to find a good work/life balance. I find that if I don't make a conscious decision to take a break and smell the roses I feel like I'm on a neverending treadmill.

How do you find a healthy balance?

These are just some of the things I try to do to keep a good balance.

  • do something creative
  • take a trip
  • make plans with friends
  • go on a date with the hubbie
  • walk my dog
  • read a magazine
  • exercise
  • volunteer
  • go see a matinee
  • go to an art show
  • hang with family

What's on your list? Find what pleases you and do it! The work will always be there but life really rushes by. Can you believe the summer is half over? I hope you're enjoying it, staying cool and making the most of it. Have a good rest of the summer!