Just think about all you have learned from the trial and error of running your own business. Do you think it could have been taught to you in school? My parents spent a whole lot on my education, I went to a liberal arts college in upstate New York.

To hear of Steve Jobs' death was so sad for me especially since I owe much of my livelihood to the Mac computer. Everything I design and build is done on a Mac. I know I'm spoiled because they are more expensive but you cannot deny the usability, the attention to detail and the quality of a Mac machine.

It's been as busy as it has been hot. Whether you run your own business, work full time or do both, life is so hectic these days it's tough to find a good work/life balance. I find that if I don't make a conscious decision to take a break and smell the roses I feel like I'm on a neverending treadmill.

This was my second time at the CMS Expo. I went to my first one two years ago and this year's was even better. The CMS Expo really focuses on the most popular content management systems that are in use for web today like Joomla and Drupal.

Studio Art 101 recently launched a website for Wanda McKnight of the McKnight Report. This project started with updates to a blog site that turned into a total redesign. After meeting with Wanda she and I quickly realized that having a blog wasn't her true goal.