The last couple of months have been jampacked with meetings with other entrepreneurs and networking events. Really I've been listening to people's journeys and it has been so refreshing to find that most people really love to share their story, all you have to do is ask.

As a part of the Sisterhood of Success University, #sisu that I am a part of I have been working on finding my five mentors. These mentors are experts in different areas that I need guidance or help. Sisu promotes the idea of community and a network of support. As a business owner it's so important to have a strong support system around you from your family to your panel of advisors. Who supports you? Who do you go to for business advice?

Finding those key people will help you be successful. These mentors can be people you know and people you don't know, you just have to be brave enough to get in contact with them and start building a mentoring relationship. Gaining a mentor is not all about a take take relationship, you also are there to support your mentors if need be. Offer to help them in there endeavors as well. I have met and talked with stellar experts and gained tremendous knowledge from their journeys. Now the goal is to keep the conversation going!