"Communication can often be a challenge between tech and non-technical people and Kelli removed those barriers by offering simple explanations and clarifications of her process. She made the technical pieces of website design digestible and worked with me every step of the way as I clarified the vision for our WordPress site. She was able to add polish and shine that rang thru exactly how I wanted. I only wish I had found her earlier on in my design process. We were able to meet a haughty deadline because of her diligence and prioritization of our project and I highly recommend that you utilize StudioArt101 for all of your web design needs!"
Naketa Thigpen, President, Thigpen's Professionals, LLC www.naketathigpen.com

"Kelli is a JOY to work with! She is as professional as they come, the work is always exactly as I envisioned it and never a day late. She can be relied upon to complete a job, at a fair price and so easy to work with. I recommend Kelli to anyone that wants a functional, easy to use website. She really is the BEST, amongst a very competitive group."
Jennie Lynn McQuade, The Christian Women's Association

"Kelli provides the complete packaging in terms of professionalism, attention to detail and advising on and enacting on the proper site set up and design. Her advice proved invaluable and the finished product was better than even we envisioned."
Robert Maxwell, OTC Medical Devices, Marian, Inc.

"Kelli is a Joomla and CMS expert who can quickly turn a project around. She has delivered time and time again on web projects. I rely on her for critical updates and upgrades to keep my web site (a key marketing component for my business) running smoothly. I highly recommend her."
Amanda Miller Littlejohn, Mopwater Social PR

"Kelli is a excellent and efficient person to work with. I will hire her again as long as I have a web page to edit."
Reyna Guardados, Guardados Restaurant