About Studio Art 101

Studio Art 101 was founded in August of 2008. Since 2008 we have been excited to work on a wide range of projects for great clients. We pride ourselves in finding the best solutions to fit their growing needs. From logo work to marketing plans to website development we have the skills to get your project done.

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Studio Art 101 creates custom design while nurturing great client relationships! We work with
many entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Studio Art 101 is inspired by the entrepreneurial
spirit. We love starting with a business from scratch and helping to shape it’s overall brand and
message through print and web design. The way businesses operate today is completely
changing and you have to be able to adapt to the changes to stay afloat. Presenting a strong
brand is key and maintaining strong relationships with your clients is even more important with
the influence of social media and the power of the web. Find out how Studio Art 101 can
help you today!

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At Studio Art 101 we know that each client is different with a unique set of goals,
so we produce unique results that separate you from your competition and make you stand out
in the eyes of your customers. We also create a personalized experience with you to ensure that
we end up with the best final product.

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Studio Art 101 is a creative studio located in Baltimore, Maryland. This city is so much fun and
there are always things to do. Our clients are local, national, and globally represented. That’s
the great thing about this business, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world with the tools
we have today.

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